Offers for kids in Bochum

Offers and events for children in the Bochum children's city map

The website for great offers for children in Bochum, whether Playgrounds, Bubble gum machines, Sports fields, Swimming pools, Destinations, Youth centres, Skating / BMX areas, Amateur soccer fields, Basketball courts, Table tennis tables, Mini-pitch, Leisure activities, Minigolf courses, Special places, Kiosks, Volleyball courts, Boat rentals, Museums, Libraries, Theatres, Toy shops, Sledding hills, Natural monuments, Trails, Cinemas, Day care / Nannies, Nurseries, Authorities / Offices.

Bochum for children with an interactive children's city map

See Bochum through the eyes of a child. Children have their own perspective on your city of Bochum, which is why we have developed this city map for children. Where is the best place for the children? Where can you play, romp, do sports? Where is the nearest gumball machine? Where do children feel comfortable and where would they like to spend their free time? The Bochum children's city map can and should of course be expanded and supplemented with entries and tips for and by children (Event proposal, Offer porposal).

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